White – the force of subtlety

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I open my eyes. Sun rays are gradually penetrating the tulle window curtains. They are shimmering like little sparks in the creases of white linen. Snow dancers making their solo for a second. I smile.

When I sit by the table, the smell of morning coffee still lingers in the air.
I always begin my work day with an empty sheet of white paper. The colour white gives me unbounded space and freedom to create. I like its neutrality. It makes bold colours stand out. It provides a perfect background for grey, pastel beige, powder pink or light blue. White embellished with gold is an exquisite match. The crowning of minimalist subtlety.

Oto ja

White is unique on its own terms. Elegant and refined, it brings peace and well-being. It calms our inner storms. In the times of the excess of external stimuli, when we are bombarded with aggresive colour schemes, subconsciously I am searching for clean space, not polluted with colours. Thinking about the composition and colour palette of a painting, I try to blend light and peaceful tones. The colours reflecting Nature.

Oto ja

My design is to create a painting which will put one at rest. Away from everyday life, troubles and woes.
A painting which will soothe one's soul...