Few words about myself

Art has always been an integral part of my life.

My name is Barbara Brych. I was born in February, with snow falling down quietly and steadily outside the window. Perhaps this is why I watch the first snowflakes with undying delight every year. :-)

I chose the artistic path partly because of the amazing people I met, who instilled in me the need to create beauty. In primary school I attended singing and ballroom dancing classes. I performed frequently to a large audience and I truly enjoyed being on stage. I was an avid poet at that time, writing dozens of poems – a lot of them won prizes in literary competitions. A couple years later, I graduated from the Art Department at Maria Skłodowska-Curie University in Lublin, I studied Painting. I also took a course in Visage and Fashion Styling in Nice, France.

Working with people from various countries helped me widen my creative horizons. I dedicated many years of my professional activity in fashion industry to visage and styling. I ran training courses for corporations on the subject of image in business. In the meantime, I made designs for a jewellery company and arranged luxury jewellery showrooms. I have always strived to be constantly in touch with art, hence my employment in an auction house, modern art gallery and companies trading exclusive interior accessories.

My work experience is closely reflected in my art. My quest for beauty is what drives me to paint. In my works you can find what delights, moves and inspires me.

In every man's soul there is a special part, ready to be moved. A string that flutters when he comes across beauty. I strongly believe that if you pursue your passions, you make a creative impact on others. Salvador Dali's words ring very true to me:"The painter is not the inspired one, but he who can inspire others".

It is my dream to create art which inspires others to seek beauty. I want my pictures to remind them of the vast amount of goodness they possess.

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